Rev Anthony Luxton

31 August 2021 | By Anthony | Reading Time 2 mins

Anthony shares his time between pastoring in Stirling and exercising his creative gifts in Hope Fuelled Design. One of his favourite bible stories is when Jesus meet the Samaritan Woman at the well. For Anthony the story captures how Jesus meets all of us in the grittiness of life. The story is inspiring, challenging and grace filled. Did you know that it is arguable that the Samaritan Woman is the first evangelist? Because she told her village all about Jesus.

Three thoughts to help your churches digital mission

31 August 2021 | By Anthony | Reading Time 2 mins

Perhaps, you have been searching on Google looking for answers to how you can improve your social media engagement. Maybe, you have read many articles and have felt them lacking or not appropriate for you. Certainly, some goto strategies such as prize competitions are difficult to imagine working in every context. There is not a one size fits all solution especially as we consider our responsibility in helping each other use social media wisely.

Beth Rickman

15 August 2021 | By Beth | Reading Time 1 mins

Beth is originally from the North East of England but currently lives in Scotland with her husband, Fin, where she works for Scripture Union Scotland at their residential centre, Lendrick Muir.

Diandra Morton

01 August 2021 | By Diandra | Reading Time 2 mins

I’ve been part of HFD for almost a year now as the Communications lead specialising in Social Media and project management. I’ve been a christian for 10 years and I am really passionate about seeing how God brings hope into people’s lives.

Why social media engagement matters as a way of sharing the Gospel

01 August 2021 | By Diandra | Reading Time 2 mins

In the 21st Century, social media is one way in which we can engage in relevant and meaningful conversations. Using social media profiles, such as your church Facebook page, you are able to foster conversations and connections through sharing regular updates. 

We are looking for creatives

01 July 2021 | By | Reading Time mins

Have you ever wondered if you could use your creative gifts to do ministry? With 92% of the UK’s population online, there is a significant mission field to share the good news of the gospel. If you are a christian Graphic Designer, Illustrator and/or Video Editor/Animator, this is for you!