Help us communicate the gospel story into everyday lives enabling people to respond to, and be shaped by, the gospel story, fostering deep and life-changing conversation.

We enable churches and groups to partner in mission by sharing our resources for free. Leveraging the spirit of working together, we are able to reach deeper into communities across the UK.

Here are a few ways you can help and get more involved in our mission:


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We can only make our resources available for free with the support and generosity of people like you, who believe that Christ’s great commission is for everybody at no cost.

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By donating today we can better plan for the future. How much to donate is an individual choice, however, we have indicated our running costs below to help you decide. The reality is that as we get started we will depend more heavily on individual donations. For example 25 supporters might average at £400 per donation. Our long term aim is for 100 yearly donations at £100 (or £8.33 a month).

Our Mission

Our biggest projects so far at Hope Fuelled have been our Christmas ( and Easter ( missions. Each mission mobilises the creativity of our team as they create complementary resources that communicate the story of Jesus. The missions are promoted online via social media platforms and offline through local partnerships.

We believe in meaningful engagement that appreciates that each individual journey is unique. It is a privilege to be a part of that journey in any way however small. We have gathered together some statistics for you which give an impression of the online reach and engagement of our missions so far. Our mantra is to use modern tools at our disposal to do ministry, not to promote ministry.

The seeds that fell on the good soil represent honest, good-hearted people who hear God’s word, cling to it, and patiently produce a huge harvest. Luke 8:15

Just Getting Started

We started Hope Fuelled during the coronavirus pandemic with open hearts to how God might use us. In such a short amount of time the response from Christian communities has been overwhelming. There is clearly a thirst for high quality local missional resources which nurture church unity. Our team of six creatives have commited to regularly create high quality resources and partner with you in your mission. We are in it for the long term realising that everything works in God’s timing.

As well as our extensive Christmas and Easter resources we aim to develop smaller digital inspirational resources during the year. These resources will be designed to complement your regular local mission. Below you will get an overview of estimated costs to support our mission, with your help and in God’s strengh we can make this happen.

Hope Fuelled Ltd ( is a not for profit company (SC678636). This structure enables us to provide our services to Charities for an accessible fee. We are currently exploring the feasibility of setting up as a charity for our free mission work to access grants and benefit from gift aid.